DIY Amplifier Lab Class

I am offering a small class of 2 or 3 students to teach to understand, make and fix amplifiers. Tuition is $50 per hour for 2 students or $40 per hour for 3 students. We will get a lot done in a small time. This will be customized to the students needs. You can bring amplifiers to repair or modify. I have two benches fully equipped.

We are having the first class on Sunday Feb 21 starting 10am-1pm for the lecture part of the class. That part will cover amplifier basics, reading schematics, learning typical voltages for troubleshooting. After Lunch break we will have the hands on class limited to 3 students working on the bench with my assistance.

Later in the spring we will be working on the amplifier described below. We are still waiting on delivery from China.

One of the students has ordered a Chinese amplifier kit that we can measure and improve in the class.  This one will run $314 with shipping.

In my opinion this one is is a better deal at $200 with shipping. The output tube is similar a 6L6 and can use any 6L6 or 6V6. In the class you will learn about these tubes.  This amp may be lighter hence the lower shipping cost.

Here is more information on the 6P3p amplifier including schematic. Being handwired this is an easy amp to modify and improve.

Here is the data for the input tube which is similar to a 6BQ7 and a close sub would be a 6922.

Here is the data for the output tube which appears to be close to a 6L6 and we can use a 6L6.