Basic Electronics Class Starting Sunday, November 29


We have space for a few drop-ins. If you want to attend the first class come to 11161 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito at 12:30 to register. Plenty of parking in front or behind the building.  Only 5 blocks from Del Norte BART.  Take this class as a taster for $40.  You will leave understanding such concepts as internal resistance, ohms law and how voltage, current and resistance determine everything in electronic circuits and your home.


Roger is offering a basic electronics class covering general topics in an easy-to-understand format. The class includes hands-on instructions with test equipment, soldering, etc.

•Class #1. Volts, ohms, amps, AC and DC circuits. Get a handle on these important concepts at an intuitive level. Ohm’s Law explained in simple forms anyone can understand.
•Class #2. What resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, tubes and transistors do in the electronic devices you use every day. From your Microwave oven to your music system.
•Class #3 Audio amplifiers. These power the speakers in everything you listen to. We will discuss Home HIFI amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, headphone amplifiers and preamplifiers.
•Class #4 Understanding Schematics. Learn how to read schematics and appreciate the design efforts that go into making electronic circuits.
•Class#5 Together we will determine what to study based on our previous discussions and interests.

Meets 5 times for 3 hours per class. 1-4 PM Sundays Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, 20, 27. Something good to do over the holiday vacation. Interested students can stay till 5pm for listening to our vacuum tube driven Electrostatic Speaker System with their own music on CD or iPod type device. Location 11161 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito. Within 0.5 miles (10 min) from Del Norte BART Station.
•Tuition: $200 pre-registration for all 4 classes or $40 per class at the door.
•Recommended reading Analog Electronics by Gerald E. Williams ISBN 0-314-04553-8
•Available at several libraries or used at very low prices, 621.3815 or TK7867.W53
•Check your library shelf 621.38 for books on basic electronics.