The following are recommended books for learning basic electronics, audio electronic circuits and construction techniques.

Basic Electronics Course, 2nd Edition by Norman H. Crowhurst

BASIC ELECTRONICS COURSE, 2ND EDITION defines every aspect of electrical behavior and state-of-the-art electronics. Highlighted are the essential basics of electronics theory and practice, properties of resistance, electron flow, power calculations, and more. Questions at the conclusion of each chapter prepare you for the real test, should you choose to enter a specialized electronics field.

Building Valve Amplifiers, 2nd Edition by Morgan Jones

Building Valve Amplifiers is a unique hands-on guide for anyone working with tube audio equipment–as an electronics hobbyist, audiophile or audio engineer. This 2nd Edition builds on the success of the first with technology and technique revisions throughout and, significantly, a major new self-build project, worked through step-by-step, which puts into practice the principles and techniques introduced throughout the book.

Radiotron Designer’s Handbook, Fourth Edition, Edited By F. Langford-Smith

“This book has been written as a comprehensive, self-explanatory reference handbook for the benefit fo all who have an interest in the design and application of radio receivers or audio amplifiers. Everything outside this field—television, radio transmission, radar, industrial electronics, test equipment and so on—has been excluded to limit the book to a reasonable size. An effort has been made to produce a handbook which, in its own sphere, is as self-contained as possible.” [from preface by F. Langford-Smith]

RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-30 Reprint

A high quality reprint of the 1973 RCA Receiving Tube Manual (Technical Series RC-30). Includes tubes not found in RC-19, for example: 6CA7/EL34, 5AR4/GZ34, 6DJ8, 6DN7, 6LF6, 6KG6A/EL509, 6550, 7189, 7591 and the 7868 to name a few. Also includes pictures and industrial receiving tubes. 760 pages

Starting Electronics Construction: Techniques, Equipment and Projects by Keith Brindley

As a step-by-step guide from circuit design to finished product, this practical electronics book actually explains how to select the right tools and components for the job, use a soldering iron, etch a printed circuit board and mount the finished product in a case – and puts skills into practice through simple self-build projects.

Understanding Hi Fi Circuits by Norman H. Crowhurst
Understanding Hi Fi Circuits
This volume, first published in 1957, is vintage Crowhurst, at once amazingly insightful, but also down-to-earth. The underlying theme of the book is the fact that absolute perfection in audio circuitry is impossible. Therefore, in each chapter, Crowhurst discusses all the relevant design choices involved in a selected class of audio components and how to reach a balance of design compromises.