New Classes for Winter 2015

Interesting article about the joy of fixing things.

We are looking for students for a Saturday morning (9-12) and afternoon (1-4) class (6 hours with 1 hour lunch break) to learn hands on repair of guitar and HiFi amplifiers. Students will learn how to analyze circuits, make measurements, substitute components. Tentative start date February 28, but negotiable once the students apply. Cost is $40 per hour. You can bring something to fix and do it yourself for less than having someone else do it.  Space is limited to 4 students. This is a very special opportunity to learn from a EE with over 45 years of continuous experience in all areas of electronic and electric appliance repair. Roger taught this course in Santa Barbara to a larger class for 5 years with great success. The class is intentionally small so that your specific needs and interests can be addressed.

For the Audiophile there will be an 8 week class, Saturday 9-12,write for start date. Each class will take an in depth look at each part of the system from source to speakers. Students will have an opportunity to take test equipment home to check their system response. Cost $240