Report from BurningAmp 2015

Thanks to Mark for a well organized event in an excellent venue.  We were in an open floor plan office which also has many small rooms for demonstrations. His staff was well organized, friendly and very helpful. We had great food and interesting conversations. I highly recommend this event.

Here is the video of my talk. Thanks to Mike for doing a great job shooting the presentations and providing great sound. Here is the link to my talk which starts at 11.20 minutes on the time scale and goes into the beginning of Nelsons video. It looses sound near the end but I was pretty much done . Roger’s Talk

And here is Nelson Pass doing his thing  Nelson’s talk  Nelson talks a bit about Schade Feedback which I had read about in the 1938 paper from RCA when they announced the first beam tube, the 6L6.  He cast a new light upon that information for me. He is using the concept in the amplifier he presented at the talk.  As always, Nelson is discovering new devices and circuits.

Here is a link to Shade’s  landmark paper of 1938, the invention of the Beam Power Tube (6L6, 6550, 6V6 and the KT series). See page 360 for the feedback. The earlier part of the paper is the design of the tube with the classic drawing of the beam forming on page 346. It’s a very technical paper so don’t let it bury you.  Schade 1938 RCA

Explore Mike’s youTube for other video of the event.

At the sale I picked up a really clean SoundTech distortion analyzer for the school lab.